Why does providing employee email addresses work better? Can we do a survey without them?


Yes we can work without them, and this is not an absolute requirement and for running a survey.

However our preference is to have a list of the email addresses of employees and/or managers who will be participating in the survey so that we can send each a personal and unique link to the survey.

We prefer this, as opposed to leaving the survey “open” to anyone with the link, in order to:

  • ensure that only valid respondents (your employees) are able to respond to the survey
  • ensure that each respondent is able to fill the survey in only once
  • allow employees to return to the survey to complete or edit their responses before the end of the survey period
  • enable us to provide you with an ongoing count of completion rates overall and by subcategory if we have this information in the list you provided)

Again it does not have to be done this way, and if a list of emails is not available we are happy to run the survey “open” to anyone with the link.

Please contact us for further discussion on what will work best for you.

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